The fees in the fields of marketing and business planning largely depend on the complexity of the work and are determined by the specific nature of each industry and market, competitive environment, the current state of the client's marketing, etc. To find out the cost of services, you can submit a request on the "Contacts" page and have a phone conversation with our specialist regarding the client's needs. At the same time, our pricing policy is flexible to meet the client's needs and includes the following approaches.

Our tariffs

  • Fixed

    The fixed fee is applied in cases when the service involves creating a final result in the form of developed business plan, marketing strategy, brand platform, positioning, and marketing mix, provided that the complexity and fee of the service can be approximately determined in advance
  • Gradual

    Gradual payment is applied when it is impossible to determine in advance the areas of service that will require attention and to estimate the future volume of necessary services. The client gradually approves areas of efforts based on their relevance and pays step-by-step
  • Subscription

    Subscription servicing is relevant for clients who require constant marketing support in their day-to-day business activities, as well as rapid response to challenges and threats. The subscription tariff involves regular monthly payments of a fixed amount, regardless of the volume of services

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